Channel Clearance

Massive Rock blasting channel widening and marking was carried out to remove obstacles. The Pilot Project stretches 220 Km from Attock to Daudkhel on the Northern part of River Indus. The Company’s vision is to facilitate, encourage and enable the use of a vast network of waterways from Karachi to the North throughout the country for cargo and passenger movement. For this the first requirement is to make a safe navigation channel.

Survey and blasting operations were carried out on a war footing and in a very organized manner in order to provide a safe and secure passage. The technical team has expertise in the field of controlled explosive blasting, a delicate task requiring meticulous planning and execution.

Although expertise in this field is very limited, our team has made the dream into reality. Water way transportation concept is old, but document in Pakistan for decade. It is the vision our foresight of the Chief Minister Punjab whose commitment is the driving force behind the target of starting cargo movement on the River Indus. 


Outcrop View before blasting operation


Outcrop view after blasting operations