Construction of Base at Daudkhel

Keeping in view Port / Harbor potentials and easy access to Attock and further towards KPK land for the Base was selected / acquired in 2015. It was a raw and a rugged piece of land, full of bushes / wild growth and undulating ground. The area was rapidly developed. Construction was allocated to an excellent firm in order to ensure quality construction of all facilities. 
Due to the remoteness of the area, numerous hindrances were encountered which were overcome by dedication and perseverance. Now the Base has become fully functional for cargo transport and operations, all in a period of less than our year.
Face lifting, creation of Harbor facilities and development of the base area has been carried out systematically, keeping the future in mind. An area of 126,000 sq ft of the land has been leveled  Approximately 18,000 sq ft of  port area has been developed of 160x60 ft long ramp  protruding inside the river has been built for use as a jetty pending the long-term developments along the River.