Overview of Inland Water Transport Regime

  • A multi-modal transport system that incorporates rivers, canals, and road and rail systems under a federally approved master plan is imperative for Pakistan.
  • Several main rivers and canals in Pakistan have the potential for navigation and transport goods and passengers after remodeling.
  • The load projections of transporting goods from South to North and on horizontal reaches cannot be handled by road and rail systems alone.
  • The corridors for development of regulated riverine and canal waterways are available recorded, un-encumbered and in government ownership.
  • The recent changes in global weather and rainfall patterns demands remodeling of our bunds and protective structures for flood control and better water management. An opportunity exists to synergize this need with plans of developing inland water transport system.
  • The terrible loss of life in accidents on unsafe roads handling huge volumes of cargo can be reduced considerably.