Ship Construction in Punjab - First Time Ever

The first ship capable of carrying 300 tons of cargo has been built at Daudkhel, Mianwali, despite the fact that there was no shipyard, no workshop facility and not even a slipway in the area. In spite of these limitations, local workers have joined hands with experts from Karachi to build the ship in this remote locality; no doubt it’s a remarkable achievement unique in the country’s history.
Ship construction itself is a complex process, involving several technical disciplines. One of the most difficult is alignment of engines with the stern tubes, tail shafts and propellers. A lot of hard work by the team has done into meeting all such complex requirements to make this project stand out.
The vessel has 2 engines, each of 650hp. The weight of steel used for construction is 125 tons. It is configured as a hatch barge, in which bagged cargo can be carried inside the hold of the ship. The designed speed of the vessel is 12 knots. With its twin propellers and two rudders, it is very maneuverable and can operate efficiently in the river. This vessel will carry demonstration cargos between Daudkhel and Attock, extending to Nowshera in due course. Once the private sector commences commercial operations, the vessel will be used in several other roles required by the ports and rivers authorities.

Ship construction activities started along the river indus at Daudkhel, Mianwali.